Horror Games

Night of the Consumers is a game that is focused on the life of a new-hired shop assistant. Your job will seem quite simple at the beginning, but just wait for the customers to come. They will make your shift a true nightmare and you will have to be super careful to keep this job and not to be fired.

Keep pace and don’t look back

As you are going to play for an average salesman, you will be placing the items on the counters in the correct order and keeping the shop clean and pleasant. You will find the boxes with the products right on the floor. Pick one of them and look at the name of the product. Then the signs will lead you to the appropriate aisle where you will find the shelf you need.

You will see how many boxes you should unpack during your shift on the bottom of the screen. There you will also see the timer that will inform you when you need to hurry up. Although, there will be some obstacles that will somewhat slow down your work.

The visitors of the shop are rarely friendly people and you have to accept it. Some of them just want to know where the product they need is, but others demand more complicated things. For example, you may suddenly encounter a baby that is lost and you will have to bring it to its parent.

However, if a consumer doesn’t like your service, they will try to catch you and call a manager that you certainly do not want. For this reason, when you hear the sound of an approaching person, run as fast as you can to the nearest room for the staff.

Creepy secrets

Despite Night of the Consumers looks like a kind of simulator, it hides some interesting things. Play and find secret rooms and passages that will tell you a little bit more of the shop’s history. What happened to the previous employee? And what else can you find in the storage apart from the boxes?

In addition to the unsettling mysteries, the overall atmosphere of the project is disturbing. The graphics makes the faces of the characters look unnatural and creepy. But this gives a special hint to the project and makes it look funny at the same time.

You may also read the stories that the visitors are telling you. All of them have their particular reason to buy an item from the store and you will have to listen to them and do what they require you to do.

If you are too busy with another job, you may try and throw a package in one of them to knock the consumer down. And if you manage to go through your shift perfectly, your boss will permanently hire you.