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Run from crazy customers and pack up the counters of the grocery store in Night of the Consumers. Are you interested in the way shop assistants work? Then you just have to play this game and feel this unique atmosphere of constant hurry and tension.

Serve the consumers

As you are a salesman, your profession includes first of all aiding the customers. They will be seeking your attention all the time and you are forced to serve them or they will get angry and call your boss. In the newest update, more kinds of visitors have been added, so you are able to read more of their amusing stories.

Some customers have special features that will cause you more trouble. For example, you can encounter a lady with a baby that can get lost any moment. If this happens, you will need to look for it around the whole store and carry it back. Needless to say, such tasks will greatly distract you from your initial mission.

To get away from the furious consumers, you can use the packages with the items. Now you can throw them even further that will make your movement around the facility more or less safe.

Apart from the mechanics, the update also introduced dramatic changes in the graphics. The renewed textures of the people and aisles make the game look a lot more pleasing and detailed. In addition, you can enjoy special animations of the visitors and the main hero.

Become the employee of the month

Your biggest achievement in Night of the Consumers is the title of the best employee. Although, you are a new-hired worker for now and you will have to endure many hard shifts before you prove to be worthy of this award. Each shift will be a challenge for you on your way to success.

At the start you will receive the notes that will help you to get used to the most important rules of the store. From them you will learn how to do your job properly, too. During your first night, you will have to unpack only ten boxes with goods. Although, you won’t be able to control the situation around you while you will be doing that! So before starting, make sure that you are alone in the aisle.