Horror Games

Working in a shop can be quite stressful and threatening. In Night of the Consumers, you will have an opportunity to try yourself as an ordinary employee in such a facility. Will you be able to cope with all the difficulties of this profession?

Satisfy the consumer’s needs

All the people that come to the store will want to ask you something and you can’t refuse it. Read what the clients require you to do and make everything possible to fulfil their needs. You must complete any tasks from them, whether you have to lead a person to a certain passage or find a lost child.

Don’t make them wait for long, because the customers can quickly run out of patience and start chasing you in order to see the manager. If you don’t want to be fired, avoid these situations in one way or another. A good throw of the box may help you to leave the especially outraged visitor behind.

If people cornered you, there is also an option to sneak into the room for the staff. This is a perfect opportunity to take a breath and investigate the utility rooms of the shop. You can encounter exciting information there, if you look carefully.

Restock the shelves

Another responsibility that you have in Night of the Consumers is restocking the counters. Once you see an empty place, you should find a package with the items that belong there and fill it in.

While you are busy with the layout, you may not notice the troublesome customer that is approaching you. To keep yourself safe, explore the surroundings beforehand. This way you will have enough time to deal with the right number of boxes for a night.

Be alert and don’t hesitate to run around doing your job to successfully finish the first chapter of the game. Deserve the right to be called a full-fledged salesman of this shop. Continue accomplishing the tasks and see where it will lead you.