Horror Games

Prepare to have business with hundreds of enraged visitors on Night of the Consumers. Will you manage to get through the first working day without any troubles? Play the game and challenge your decision-making abilities.

Work at the cursed store

Night of the Consumers will throw you into the busy working process from the start. Grab the notes that your colleague handed to you and examine them carefully, before entering the sales hall. This will give you the main idea of what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

Then you have to sprint forward and pick up the boxes that you will see right in front of you. They contain the items for sale and your task is to place them where they have to be. Do this hastily, as the purchasers will be sneaking behind you. Whenever you hear suspicious sounds nearby, turn around and make sure you are not in danger.

Take into account that you are limited in time, so the faster you fill in the counters, the better. However, the clients will regularly be trying to irritate you with their ridiculous stories and questions. If they grab you, there is no other option than to help them out and find what they are seeking.

The danger is everywhere

Be especially aware of the visitors that are somehow disappointed with your service. They will be aggressively chasing you around and you have only two options on how to get rid of them. You can either shove a box in them or hide in a storage and wait for them to go away.

The game doesn’t give you a right to make mistakes. If you receive one complaint, at the same instant the manager will come to fire you. There is no point in running away from it, so you will have to accept your fate and start over.

After each shift you will return home and explore it the same way you can explore the store. During this time, you may find some intriguing facts and things that may give you more information about the real plot. Wait for the next chapters and see how this story will end.