Horror Games

In Night of the Consumers, you will be running, stacking up the counters and asking hundreds of questions from the customers. Play a role of the newcomer in an average store and manage to deal with all your duties during your first shift.

The customer is always right

In this game you are just a service staff and people usually don’t treat them politely. You will be dealing with rude or annoying clients all the time and your job is to do what they ask you and don’t make unnecessary questions. Lead them to the aisle they want or give them the item. Also, if you see a baby, immediately return it to its mom or she will come herself.

Meanwhile, you should unpack the boxes full of products and put them in their places. You will easily find the needed spot marked by a big arrow. Rush to it and quickly lay everything out. Use the silhouettes as a guide to put the stuff in quickly. However, don’t forget to look back, as a customer may catch you off guard!

There will be the visitors that are so furious, they want to speak to the manager all the time. Don’t let them do it! Manoeuvre between the passages, scattered boxes and carts to be able to escape them. You may enter the special rooms, too. At the beginning of the game, you will see where they are situated on the instruction note.

If somebody is too fast and angry to let you go, there is a chance that a thrown box will neutralise them for a couple of minutes, just enough for you to finish filling another shelf with the products.

The mysteries behind the storage

If you suddenly have free time, you are surrounded by a crowd of customers or you want to have a simple break, you may look through the rooms for the staff and encounter something exciting and terrifying. Find a secret passage and learn more about the previous salesman, who was there before you. Maybe you should not trust your new manager that much?

Although, if you manage to finish Night of the Consumers, you will see the true ending and a glimpse of a new chapter! You will be able to play it soon and find out what will happen to you during your next shift. Learn more about the shop, other workers and customers that will still chase you everywhere and interfere with your work.