Horror Games

Be quiet or Granny finds you! In this game your main enemy is Granny who wants to keep you in her house forever. Although, this prospect doesn’t really satisfy you and you decide to run away. But it is not so easy to escape from her and Grandpa. They will be constantly looking for you!

Not to be caught, you should move swiftly but silently. They will hear any loud noise, so don’t drop the items and try to avoid the traps. By the way, the items are playing a major role in the project. Find the appropriate set for a chosen way to escape and solve some riddles to fulfil your plan.

However, there will be situations when you can’t run away from Granny. Then you will have to hide in a wardrobe or under a bed. When she leaves, you may go out. But if you are captured, you will start from the beginning.