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Night of the Consumers Game Online Play Free

Have you ever wondered how the staff of the local supermarkets work? In Night of the Consumers, you are able to gain this interesting experience. You are going to become one of the spot assistants in the most usual shop. Try to fulfil your everyday duties while every customer wants your attention.

The project is available on pc and on Android with the help of the hacks. Enjoy the exciting but a little bit creepy involvement in this job. Become a professional salesman and develop amazing stress-resistance.

Survive your shift

Your first shift in the game will obviously start with the introduction. You are going to get familiar with the rules and other workers. Don’t wait and dive into the chaos of the sales industry. Use the notes that you will receive from the start to quickly prepare yourself for work.

The majority of the time you are going to spend cleaning the disgusting mess that some customers leave after themselves. You are also supposed to lay out the products on the shelves. However, if everything was that easy, there would be no fun to play this game.

The main danger that is going to chase you everywhere is the crazy customers. They won’t stop until they catch you and you shouldn’t allow them to do it. The only way to avoid them is to hide in a special stuff-only room. But don’t stay there for too long or the manager won’t be happy about it!

To save you some time and maybe your life in general, you can use the boxes that are scattered around the store. Pick one of them and throw in a visitor that came too close to you. This will stun them for a minute and you will be able to finish your task or just run away.

The unique graphics

The feature that singles out the game is its unsettling graphics. This pixel-style picture creates the creepy atmosphere. Although the project is not a horror, the design will keep you alarmed, as the true salesman should be. Constant threats are around you, so you have to always be alert!

As a bonus to the intuitively reprehensible gameplay, there are energetic soundtracks that will stimulate you to make your work as fast as possible. Play quickly, as you have a limited amount of time to finish all your tasks for a night. Watch the timer on the lower right corner to know how much time is left.

You should also play carefully, as there are many hidden secrets that you may find in the store and outside of it. Look for hidden passages and symbols to reveal unexpected mysteries. At some point, you will even be able to call a pizza guy and listen to his famous song. Some of the easter eggs you may find are ridiculously ironic, like the poster of super hygiene right next to the huge dirty stain. It is not easy to spot all of them while you have to move swiftly and put hundreds of items in their places.

Will you find all the secrets?

With this many complications, it will be an incredibly challenging mission to survive to the end of your first shift. Make the manager proud of you and he will let you work in this place. What will be waiting for you next? Find out during the second night!